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One & Ownly's Cultured Pearl & Where does it come from

One & Ownly 的珍珠與它們的產地

One & Ownly 珍珠貝

One & Ownly 是一間只賣 真。珍珠 的商店。

One & Ownly is a jewelry store which sells REAL pearls only.

我們的珍珠來源自淡水湖的珍珠養殖場,所以 One & Ownly 的所有珍珠商品都會標明我們用的是淡水珍珠。

Our pearl is come from a fresh water lake in pearl farm. That’s the reason for us to claim that all of our pearls products are made by fresh water pearl.

珍珠是怎樣鍊成的? How does pearl come from?

珍珠都是由蚌所分泌的珍珠質所形成的,這分泌物是在蚌受傷時作為傷口縫合用的。 技術人員會把珍珠貝中的一片蚌肉植入蚌內,令蚌以為有外物入侵而分泌珍珠質。

Pearls are formed inside the shell of certain mollusks as a defense mechanism against a potentially threatening irritant such as a parasite inside the shell, or an attack from outside that injures the mantle tissue. To create a pearl, technician requires to implant a tiny piece of mantle tissue into a recipient shell.

One & Ownly 珍珠貝植入


After the tissue implant process, the pearl farmer will put the shell back to a lake. The harvest period of cultured fresh water pearl is three years.

One & Ownly 淡水珍珠

在得到珍珠後,我們還會經過一段繁複的工序,才會到 One & Ownly 這裡製成珍珠手飾商品。

Pearl needs to be go through a complicated process to deliver One & Ownly’s hand for produce a pearl jewelry product.

Our Workshop

Place for creativities

One & Ownly 是一間首飾零售的網路商店。
希望可以令珍珠類首飾更普及,令大家知道不需要用很高的價錢也能買到一件真的珍珠或純銀首飾。致力給喜愛 真。首飾的您多一個購買平台,更可以舒舒服服隨時選購首飾。

"One & Ownly" 的名字是來自 "One & Only"這組字,意思是獨一無二。

我們的團隊有超過 20 年經驗於製造高質素的珍珠首飾,絕對有品質保證。

"One & Ownly"品牌本著「For Yourself Only」這理念而創作,希望每一位都能因為選購 “妳” 獨有的飾品而感到自信和幸福。

我們希望每一件產品在配戴後, 可以為大家帶來快樂的心情迎接每一天。

© One & Ownly. All Right Reversed.

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